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The Bradfield Injury Law Firm, PC.
"Very satisfied with Mr. Bradfield services. I won my case thanks to him and very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks again for representing me."A Satisfied Client
"When legal advice was needed, Phil Bradfield made all the difference. He was attentive and addressed my concerns with the Christian perspective I was looking for. He was able to effectively get to the heart of the matter without wasting my time or money. I would recommend his services without reserve. Although I hope I don't need him again, I feel more confident knowing he is there for me if I do."Mary K.
"Attorney Philip Loyd Bradfield, a wonderful lawyer, down to earth, easy to talk to. He is professional in conduct and explaining the law. He settled a personal injury case and we were extremely satisfied."A Satisfied Client
Danita B.
"Phil is a fantastic guy and lawyer. Every conversation and dealing I've had with Phil has been professional and cordial. He has the experience dealing with personal injury and is the main focus of his practice. I recommend Phil and his services to get you a great recovery for your case."Kevin W.
"Being pregnant, Facing personal injury in a car accident isn't easy. It was nothing but worry until we hired Phil to represent us. He didn't settle till we were satisfied and kept in contact every step of the way! Thank you for everything!"Patricia

"In December of 2016, on the way to my granddaughter’s Christmas recital at church, I was involved in an accident with a box truck that sideswiped me, spinning me around in the interstate at 60 mph, and caused me to hit the jersey wall, full side on, with my headlights pointing into oncoming traffic. This resulted in me totaling my car, which was a 19th year wedding anniversary present to me from my husband. Besides the actual horror of the accident, which I am eternally grateful to God that I survived to be able to spend Christmas with my family; and the loss of my beloved car, that I had so enjoyed having; there was the added insult to injury (no pun intended) that the truck that hit me while trying to share the lane with me, never stopped but fled the scene leaving me injured, missing my entire family gathered at the church for my granddaughter’s pageant, and without a witness to identify the unmarked vehicle. But wait! There is more!

To put the bow on top of this anonymous gift from the Grinch that almost stole all of my future Christmas’s; when all was said and done I was simultaneously unemployed, due to injuries affecting my ability to do my job, AND my insurance company of 30+ years denied my claim! I had injuries that I had to have physical therapy for, which lasted over 2 months, I had to have shots in my back, as well as injury that caused and/or aggravated some chronic conditions that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. In what seemed like a comedy of errors things evolved into me needing to get a lawyer to make the insurance company do what they should have done in the first place. Mr. Bradfield did just that.

Since this experience had never happened to me before I was not knowledgeable as to how this would proceed, however, he very expertly explained everything and had a good sense of humor and tireless patience with me. This being the most traumatic thing that had ever happened to me made for some extensive conversations with me, which I am so thankful that he took the time to attend to. His assistant kept me informed of all appointments and progression of events. Their professionalism and courteous correspondence was refreshing in a very trying situation. All in all if I ever had to go through anything like this again, which I pray I never do, I would call Mr. Bradfield in a heartbeat. Many thanks from myself and my family to Bradfield Injury Law Firm. They definitely “put the sword of justice on my side” when my insurance company was NOT on my side."

"Phil Bradfield is a great lawyer and person. He definitely gets his job done. And is on top of everything! I will recommend him to anyone! A very helpful person and very dependable!"Victoria W.
"Composed of honest, well-intentioned people who genuinely seek to improve the quality of your life and situation. These people are the real deal and I recommend them immensely. 5/5 stars."Devan V.